In/On Ground Pools

Levy Pools is proud to offer complete inground pool installation services. The more you learn about swimming pools, the more you’ll appreciate Levy Pools’ professional installation combined with exceptional value, proven durability, and maintenance-free pleasure. Levy Pools will meet and exceed your expectations from the beginning to the end of your project!

Why Choose an Inground Pool?

While inground pools are typically more expensive than above-ground, they are also a permanent home improvement. They add aesthetic value to your home and when it comes time to sell your house; an inground pool is generally more appealing to potential buyers. When you factor the cost of the deck that will surround an above-ground pool into your pool choice decision, the overall cost difference may be very close to that of an inground pool.

Inground pools range from play pools with depths as little as 3-to-5 feet, to diving pools with deeper depths appropriate for the divers in your family. Before you purchase an inground pool, you need to think about how your family will use it. Do they like to play a lot of water sports? Then maybe a play pool with sports set-ups is the answer. Do they like to swim laps? Perhaps a rectangular design is best for you. Or do you have a combination of swimmers and splashers? How about an L-shaped pool so everyone is happy?

Thinking about usage and then designing with those needs in mind is the key to building a pool that your entire family will be happy with for years to come. Levy Pools will guide you every step of the way to build the pool of your dreams!

Design a Shape!

Enjoy unlimited possibilities with our steel pools by Latham™ and vanishing edge pools by Magna™
Pool design shapes
Or choose from one of our fiberglass pools from Imagine Pools™