Pool Accessories

Levy Pools is your one stop shop for all pool accessories. We are proud to offer a full selection of pool liners, acrylic pool steps, poolside spas, performance coping, deck equipment, and so much more.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a few things to spice up your pool, we have what you need.

Automatic Cleaners

Dolphin Echo

The Echo is designed to climb and navigate your inground pool with ease. Just plug it in and drop in the pool for a hassle free clean. This robotic cleaner works independent from the filtration system so no need to backwash after use. The fine filters capture and remove even the tiniest amount of dirt in the removable basket, delivering a flawless clean and spotless pool.

Dolphin Echo

The Hayward AquaBug — Above & Onground Cleaner

The AquaBug is designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above-ground/on-ground pools – automatically. This attractive little critter operates off the pool’s existing filtration system and features the exclusive SmartDrive® program steering so it won’t miss a spot.


  • Patented SmartDrive programmed steering system ensures the entire bottom of the pool is cleaned quickly and completely
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes, without tools
  • Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant balanced water flow assuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool bottom
  • Improves water circulation by pulling water from the pool bottom as it moves
  • Advanced, contoured head design allows the AquaBug to complete the steering pattern in minimal time
  • Deluxe bumper ring minimizes friction for easy movement away from walls and resumption of the programmed steering pattern
  • Slotted santropene shoes for quick turns

The Hayward Navigator — Inground Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Navigator sets the standard in high-performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. Simple to install, Navigator features the exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering which assures that the average pool will be cleaned in less than 3 – 4 hours. Quiet and attractive, Navigator is the intelligent choice in automatic cleaners for smart pool professionals everywhere.


  • Exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering pattern ensures the entire pool is cleaned quickly and completely
  • Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant and balanced water flow assuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool bottom
  • Wider cleaning path handles pollen, sand, twigs, leaves and pebbles with ease
  • Longer wearing components (wings, flaps and shoes) for additional product longevity
  • Streamlined head design in deep maroon (vinyl) and silverado grey (gunite)
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes, without tools
  • 2-year limited warranty
Hayward Navigator

Heating Options

Enersol Solar Panels

10° – 15° Warmer Pool Temperatures NATURALLY!

When considering a heat source for your pool, you only have to look up to realize the primary benefit of solar heat – it’s free heat from the sun! With uncertainty and rising costs in the gas and power markets, the price for solar will not change. It will be free for life. Using your existing pump and filter, our easy-to-install solar pool heater ensures warmer pool temperatures, no monthly heating bills, and is proven to be the most cost effective way to heat your pool. Get the most out of your pool by extending the swimming season and have more fun–courtesy of the sun!

Our solar pool heater is so versatile, it can be put anywhere the sun shines. The ‘do-it-yourself’ kit is easily installed on the roof of your home or pool change room, off the deck, beside the pool or on the ground. The most durable and longest lasting solar panels on the market, our Solarprene™ rubber is completely resistant to pool chemicals, harsh U.V. rays and cold Canadian winters.

Solar collectors that are built to last:

Enersol Solar Pool Heaters were introduced to the market in 1979 with a revolutionary design that was so durable, we are still selling it over 35 years later. Our revolutionary “slip and clip” design protects your solar system from freezing and our Solarprene heating surface is one of the most durable and longest lasting panel materials in the industry.

Enersol Solar Panels
Enersol Solar Panels
Enersol Solar Panels

Propane and Natural Gas Heaters

Never let the weather control your swimming pool and spa enjoyment again. Levy Pools proudly carries Hayward pool heaters. Whether you require rapid heat or a pool that is always at the perfect temperature, Levy Pools will recommend the best heating solutions for your backyard.

Heat Pumps

Titan heat pumps are both technologically advanced for the ultimate in comfort. The Titan heat pump pool heaters transfer heat from the outside air to the pool water, rather than create heat as a fossil fuel or an electric heater does. This unique design difference can save pool owners up to 80% in heating costs compared to alternative heating systems.

  • Good = Solar
  • Better = Propane / Natural Gas
  • Best = Heat Pump
Titan heat pump

Solar Covers and Rollers

HPI Clear Solar Blanket

The HPI Clear Solar Blanket magnifies and radiates more of the sun’s rays into the pool water increasing the water temperature. Also in evenings when temperature is cooler, the solar blanket helps prevent the evaporations of water and heat loss.

HPI Clear Solar Blanket
HPI Clear Solar Blanket
HPI Clear Solar Blanket

Feherguard Rollers

Designed to fit most in-ground pools 12′ to 20′ (3.6m to 6.1m) wide and up to 40′ (12.1m) long. Each end is fitted with a handle so winding the solar cover may be done from either side of the pool. Rolls on any surface, with large wheels. Wide track bearings for easy cover handling.

Feherguard rollers

Rocky Rollers

Precision-crafted from sturdy die-cast aluminum, Rocky’s reel systems come in various sizes and styles to fit every pool type. From small backyard pools to large commercial applications, there is a Rocky’s system that will work you. Rocky’s pool cover reel systems work for all types of residential and commercial pools. Whether you are looking for in-ground pool cover reels or above-ground solar cover roller reels, Levy Pools will help get you covered.

Rocky Rollers

Cleardeck Systems

Cleardeck systems introduces an innovative way to store your solar blanket when not in use. Cleardeck’s new patented below the deck system makes your blanket invisible when not in use.


  • No more unsightly reel on your deck!
  • Retracts and Extends in less than a minute!
  • Eliminates tripping hazards!
  • Fits the exact shape of your pool!
Cleardeck Systems
Cleardeck Systems
Cleardeck Systems

Automatic Pool Covers

Our selection of automatic pool covers open and close at a touch of a button, encouraging heat retention, chemical savings, and a longer swimming season – all with an unobtrusive design that will never clash with your landscaping.

Automatic Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Safety Covers: Mesh Deck – Lock System

The Yard Guard Deck-Lock System is the latest in pool cover technology. The Deck-Lock cover comes in either high quality mesh or reinforced vinyl and reinforced webbing both top and bottom on every seam protected by rub strips.

Features & Benefits:

  • White thread (triple stitching) cross tack & box tack at all perimeter stress points.
  • Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength.
  • Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping.
  • Porous, tight mesh, giving the maximum of strength.
  • Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.
  • All covers are manufactured by the most modern of equipment including a computerized cutting and shaping system.
  • All specials are drawn and verified by the most sophisticated of CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems.
  • All Covers throughout every stage of production are quality checked and signed for before final packaging.


All hardware is prepackaged in individual poly bags. Each bag (or set) includes the brass plug, brass screw, spring buckle, and vinyl, sleeve.


Green, blue, black or tan.

Levy Pools also supplies a full assortment seasonal and winter covers for your pool. From Tarp covers, to enviro-mesh covers, to fully automated Coverstar™ models, we’ve got you covered.

  • Good = Tarp covers with water bags
  • Better = Enviro and water-permeable covers
  • Best = Mesh safety covers
Safety Covers: Mesh Deck – Lock System
Safety Covers: Mesh Deck – Lock System

Pool Steps

Levy Pools carries a wide assortment of vinyl-over-steel steps for above ground Radiant™ pools, as well as Latham™ acrylic steps for all in-ground pools.

Spacesaver Step

The SpaceSaver is specially designed for above ground pools with a deck and comes with two aluminium handrails.

It is vented for increased water flow to prevent algae growth. With step cups, deck flanges, and a front-loading ballast.

SpaceSaver Step

The Majestic

The Majestic step is a wide and sturdy step ideal to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun. Its booster system makes it easy to care for and protects the step from algae formation.

Includes the step cups system and a light niche. Can only be used with pools with a deck.

The Majestic

The Step II

The Step has proven to be efficient for many years. The Step II comes with two aluminum handrails.

The Step II

In Ground Pool Steps

In Ground Pool Steps
In Ground Pool Steps


Hayward ProSeries

ProSeries top-mount and side-mount sand filters utilize a precision engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning lateral system to provide efficient flow and evenly distributed water for totally balanced backwashing and long lasting performance.


  • Durable corrosion proof materials for dependable all weather performance
  • Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Top-mount models are available with 7-position or 6-position VariFlo™ control valve
  • Side-mount models are available with 6-position VariFlo™ or 2-position slide valve
Hayward ProSeries


Levy Pools carries a wide variety of chemicals for pools and spas, including Regal, Natural Chemistry and Aquafinesse. We pride ourselves in carrying quality products for all makes of pools and spas. We also carry water testing kits and test strips along with performing in store water tests.
Whatever your needs are, our staff can help determine the best option for you.
Regal Pool Care System logo
Regal Chemicals - Display
Regal Chemicals - UltraPucks
Regal Chemicals - Oxy ClearShock
Regal Chemicals - Ultra40
Regal Chemicals - SuperClearPlus

Chlorinators and Salt Systems

Keep your pool water sanitary, automatically.
Levy Pools supplies Pentair automatic chlorine generators and automatic chlorine/bromine feeders; the efficient, easy way to sanitize your pool. They not only save time, but also reduce the manual handling of chemicals. In fact, with our IntelliChlor® salt chlorine generator, you’ll never need to buy, transport, handle or store chlorine again, because it turns common table salt into chlorine, right in your pool.

Rainbow™ — Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders

Years of customer use and satisfaction have proven Rainbow feeders to be the performance leader in pool and spa chemical dispensers.


  • 300 and 320 series filters available in clear amber for easy tablet level monitoring.
  • Completely enclosed system — no special venting required.
  • No escaping gases.
  • 50 PSI maximum operating pressure.
  • In-Line Feeders.
  • 320 Series. For permanent installation in return line of new or existing pools or spas. Installs in return line on pressure side of pump downstream of all equipment. Standard with 2 in. slip PVC fittings and adapters for 1-1/2 in.
  • Off-Line Feeders.
  • 300 Series. Retrofits into existing pools or spas. Operates on pressure side of pump. Uses 1/4 in. feeder hoses, control valve and fittings.
Rainbow - Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders

Aquarite 900

As the global leader in salt chlorination, Hayward® provides luxuriously soft water and the most convenient sanitization method on the market to millions of pool owners around the world. With the introduction of AquaRite 900, we’re taking our industry-leading technology to the next level. AquaRite 900 is designed to provide the same superior salt chlorination you expect from Hayward, but with an Extended Life TurboCell, it produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime than our leading AquaRite systems. The Extended Life TurboCell cuts your chlorine costs by 50% or more, to less than $1 per pound. Plus, with an industry best 5-year warranty, you can relax in the comfort of your pool completely worry-free.

Aquarite 900

Hayward’s Aqua Trol

For above ground pools, Levy Pools carries Hayward’s Aqua Trol™; an automatic chlorine generation system with a built-in filter pump timer designed specifically for above ground pools, plus a great selection of their Goldline chlorination systems for inground pools, which have been awarded numerous product and design patents in recognition of the company’s progressive and revolutionary products.

Inground / Aboveground Lights


Halogen Lighting and Water Return for Aboveground Pools

Hydro-Optic™ technology creates this revolutionary light and return fitting combination.

This light fits the existing water return hole pre-punched by most aboveground pool manufacturers and can be installed on new or millions of existing pools.

The AQL 500, with 33% fewer lumens than the standard AquaLuminator® offers quality entry-level lighting for smaller pools.


  • Light and return fitting
  • 25 ft. plug-In cord
  • Deluxe retail packaging
  • Fits most aboveground pools
  • AQL 500 for smaller pools
  • Pressure cleaner adapter
  • Fountain attachment available
  • Hard plumbing adapter
Halogen Lighting

Hayward Colorlogic Return Light

Bring color to all corners of your backyard oasis! Hayward return lighting provides total color coordination of all water environments and synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights. With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows, the return light is ideal for steps, water features or even as regular pool lighting.

Hayward Colorlogic Return Light

Aqua/Lamp® Rainbow Rays® White

AQUA/LAMP® line of low-voltage in-ground pool lighting is the overwhelming market leader of in-ground pool lights and continue to be the #1 choice of Canadian pool builders for over 15 years.

Aqua/Lamp Rainbow Rays White

Aqua/Lamp® Spectrum Multicoloured LED

New Rainbow Rays Lights will Color your night in a rainbow of colors. Engineered from the latest in digital technology, the light emitting diodes (LEDs) give an array of colors that can be specifically selected, slowly transitioned, or viewed in a strobe-like Rainbow Flash display. It is easy as flipping the light switch to change between options. LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer then regular bulbs, uses only 30 watts of energy, and have no moving parts to break down.

Aqua/Lamp Spectrum Multicoloured LED

Aqua/Lamp® Rainbow Rays® — White LED

  • Energy Efficient: Only 14 Watts, 12 Volt
  • Long Life: Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Spectacular White Glow: 180 degree beam spread for great coverage (two times the spread of a regular Aqua/Lamp® 60 watt incandescent bulb)
Aqua/Lamp Rainbow Rays White LED
Levy Pools provides any light for your pool or spa needs, including Radiant™ Paleo Lights. We stand behind both our products and service, and we can get anything that you may need.


Hayward Ultrapro – Above Ground Pools

The Ultra Pro pump has been quality built and engineered to give you many years of efficient, dependable service. The non-conductive, corrosion-proof motor housing provides protection from the elements and insulates the electrical motor parts from outside contact.

The advanced design reduces operation and maintenance to simple, common-sense procedures.

  • Exclusive swing-aside hand knobs make strainer cover removal easy
  • Lexan see-thru strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning
  • Strainer basket is 50% larger and incorporates an integral non-corrosive handle. Load extender ribbing ensures free flowing operation
  • All components molded of corrosion proof PermaGlass XL for extra durability and long life
  • Heavy-duty, high performance motor for quieter, cooler operation
  • Service-ease design gives simple access to all internal parts
Hayward Ultrapro – Above Ground Pools

Hayward Superpump – In Ground Pools

Super Pump is the world’s best-selling pool pump that is efficient, dependable, and proven, setting the standard for excellence and value.

  • Reliability and Performance – #1 selling pool pump
  • Best all-around circulation pump
  • Heavy-duty motor – quieter, cooler operation
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs – easier strainer cover removal for quicker basket cleaning
  • Faster service -remove 4 bolts to access impeller
Hayward Superpump – In Ground Pools

Hayward Variable Speed Pump – In Ground Pools

Variable Speed

Hayward’s best-selling Super Pump just got even better! Super Pump® VS variable-speed pool pumps are a drop-in upgrade that delivers up to 80% energy cost savings over single speed models. Designed for small to medium pools, Super Pump VS pays for itself faster than larger, more expensive models.


  • Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability
  • Exceptionally quiet compared to single speed pumps
  • Fully programmable, touch pad control can be rotated to four different positions or mounted to the wall for more convenient access
  • Universal compatibility: operates independently, with Hayward automation*, or with competitive systems (via relay control)
  • Available in both 115V and 230V versions
Hayward Variable Speed Pump – In Ground Pools